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Team Credits:
Photography, Creative Direction, Styling: Alycee Byrd
Model: Damola Akintunde 

Location: High Point Theatre

Venus in Waiting for L'Officiel Belgium

Photography: Alycee Byrd

Model: Moira Zippere with 10 MGMT and Marilyn’s

Wardrobe Styling, Hair and Makeup: Janis Lozano with Directions USA

Retoucher: Darya Shevela


Creative Direction & Wardrobe Styling: Sofia Lujan
Photography: Alycee Byrd
Assisted by: Meg Byrd
Model: Jillian Lee with Directions USA, Ford Models & Two Management
Hair & Makeup: Janis Lozano with Directions USA
Retoucher: Dmitriy Nikiforov
Studio: pinkowlphotography

Morris Costumes for The New York Times

"Halloween 2020 Style, Is Still On"

Jason Hooper for The Washington Post

"African Americans who sat out 2016 explain why they’re voting this year"

Jason Hooper pictured in top right.

Soft-Hued Youth for Mordant Magazine 

Photographer: Alycee Byrd

Styling & Creative Direction: Alycee Byrd

Model: Moira Zippere

MUA: Adrienne Duterte

Righteous Keitt for Men's Health Magazine

Pictured: Righteous Keitt in the October 2020 Issue of Men's Health Magazine

"Motherland" for L'Officiel Belgium

Model and Creative Direction: Taylor Little with Directions USA
Photography and Creative Direction: Alycee Byrd
Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe Styling: Janis Lozano with Directions USA

Retouching: Lara Chrome 

"FOOT!" in Creators Mag

Photographer: Alycee Byrd

Model: Ashley Blair represented by Marilyn's Agency

Styling & Creative Direction: Alycee Byrd

Studio: The Mango Market

Assistants: Megan Byrd & Alicia Costa

“A Living Doll” in LUCY'S Magazine issue #52

Photographer: Alycee Byrd

HMUA: Janis Lozano 

Stylist: Sofia LuJan 

Model: Jenna Brewer represented by Directions USA

Creative Direction: Janis Lozano

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