The 1975 x Raleigh, NC

I closed out 2019 with yet another amazing milestone, shooting The 1975! I received a lot of questions about how I’ve been able to shoot these concerts. And I’m going, to be honest. I just got lucky.

I reached out to the tour manager on a whim about this show. I almost didn’t even send a follow-up email because I was SO sure I wouldn’t get approved for a photo pass. I had already given up because I guessed my email went to spam (my email 100% went to spam. Do NOT put links in your email signature) or the manager was way too busy to deal with this fangirl request. Then, 3 days before the show, I got approved. At my first The 1975 show back in 2013, I almost got kicked out by security because I snuck my camera into the general admission pit. Now 6 years later I’m getting escorted down to the photo pit for the first 3 songs of my favorite band. 

Screaming in the crowd, rocking out at barricade, even my first tattoo pays homage to my favorite song. Never in my wildest fangirl dreams did I imagine that I would get to photograph The 1975 band.

When I got to the pit I could barely keep my cool. I was shaking, dropping lens filters, looking a real newbie. One of the more seasoned photographers even made the comment to ask me if it was my first show. Gaah, I guess it was that obvious. But then, the lights went down, the smoke machines turned on, the band’s iconic opening lyrics “Go down. Soft sound” echoed in my ears. If you asked me what the first 3 songs were from that night, I couldn’t tell you. I’m pretty sure my brain blacked out, considering I was only a few feet away from Matty Healy. 

This process of shooting is completely new to me, I still have no idea what I’m doing. But since I started photography it’s been my dream to create the perfect merge of my avid concert mentality and my photography skill. Shoutout to the many photographers who have shared their knowledge with me about shoot lives shows. I appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge to help me learn.

Moral of the story: don’t give up and don’t stop fighting for your dreams. Oh yeah and never stop being a fangirl. It pays off sometimes. 

LANY x Clemson

If you would have told me I would be given the opportunity to shoot my favorite band and be front row at the same time, I would’ve never believed you. So so thankful for this night. I have been dreaming, hoping, praying, what have you for another LANY show. After the tour ended I thought my chances to see the boys again before the end of the year were up. Then the music gods gave us the Clemson show, which quite literally was LANY’s last show of 2019. 

LANY is one of those bands that emits nothing but love and positivity. Imagine bottling up the purse joyous energy of the perfect sunset. That’s what it feels like listening to LANY. Like most people, music holds a very specific place in my heart. My playlists and favorite songs are a snapshot of what I’m experiencing at that moment in time. There’s a LANY song for so many perfect and not-so-perfect memories, delicately etched into my brain. Needless to say, being able to see this band perform twice in one year was a blessing all on its own. Shoutout to my angels, they really gave me this one.

Big thank you to Tiger Paw Productions for allowing me to shoot this show. And bigger thank you to Paul, Jake, and Les for quite literally making my dreams come true. In photography, they tell you you should not overshoot. And to be conscious of every photo. But hell, I just shot my favorite band. I’m taking photos until my shutter runs out! Here’s part one of LANY x Clemson.

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